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Why you should use Safe: We can tell you lots about us but don't take our word for it. Have a look and see what our advertisers say about using us and what our host sites say.

We work together with you to get you the results you want
        Free consultancy on how to maximise your results Free animated banners Private channel campaigns where we hand-pick host sites by the criteria you provide.
Safe-Audit were the first to introduce a pay-by-results banner network
We are still the biggest having almost 5,000 registered host sites listed in 31 main categories, so we can deliver as much targeted  traffic as you want.
We have the most experience in preventing banner abuse
We reject 30% of applications to join our network and we have a team constantly checking our 15,000 hostings so we keep our network clean  and you get what you pay for.
Safe-Audit has the  most sophisticated results-oriented technology 
so you get more options for deciding how to pay for your results. Pay by click through, multi-click, visitor, software download,  registration, Sale, confirmed sale. or any hybrid involving exposures, clicks and end results.
 Safe-Audit uniquely operates a market mechanism 
so you pay the minimum you need to get the volume of traffic you want.
Here is what you need to get started:
Minimum starting budget $500 Contract will be sent to you in response to your registration. Register now without obligation.

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