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Mike Curtis

Advertising with Safe has certainly been worthwhile for One & Only Romance Network. We first started advertising with them nine months ago and have run repeated long campaigns. The Safe people have always worked really hard to ensure our ad run performs. We always sense that they really care. In particular we like their "free marketplace" concept. In our experience that leads to a more targeted "click through". We have seen Safe grow over the months (deservedly) and now they are such a large network we can also get the volumes we need at a reasonable cost.

Kathy Steinman from

Triple One Travel Directory has used Safe-Audit since late 1997, both as an advertiser site and a host site.

We enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose each banner on an individual basis. This enables us to add content by selecting only banners that will be of interest to our users. Statistics are accessible 24 hours a day. This allows us to make informed decisions, based on which banners are performing best for OUR site.

As an advertiser site, we have complete control over the payment proposal offered per banner. We can submit one or several banners, with different payments options for each. A banner may be easily discontinued or added. Options such as changing the descriptions of banners, suspending host sites, changing the payment proposals, etc. are easily accomplished online.

We have used other services, and have discontinued all of them. Safe-Audit has emerged as our first choice. Highly recommended for all sites, small or large.

Ben Chillemi from

Safe-audit has provided On Ramp Training, Inc. instant traffic at my web site at the lowest price of all banner advertisements that we have attempted. My greatest concerns prior to my involvement with Safe-Audit were:

1) Suppose some host just clicks away on my banner to generate revenue with no intent of reviewing my offer?

2) Suppose some host posts my banners on either objectionable sites or with objectionable banners?

3) Will the reporting give me all the information I need to evaluate the value of my Safe-Audit marketing?

All three of these concerns were answered both prior to my advertising, but more importantly by the actions of Safe-Audit after On Ramp started using their services. Most importantly their reports are easy to understand and easy to navigate so that I can visit the host sites and see my banners being advertised. Safe-Audit credited my account on several occasions due to host sites acting improperly. Although, I was monitoring my account closely, Safe-Audit credited my account before I even considered raising concern.

Safe-Audit is very thorough, responsive, and professional.

Brad Waller from

SAFE is the *best* place I have found to get true results based advertising. I can have a banner that gets well qualified prospects without paying an arm and a leg. Instead of being stuck with a per exposure scheme, I can pay per click, per multi-click, or per sale. I can really justify the expense of advertising because I can see the results and know exactly what they cost. If I had to pay per exposure, my campaigns would cost five to ten times as much as they do with SAFE.

Wendy Bodzin VP Business Development & Media from

We only started using Safe-Audit a couple of months ago but they rapidly proved themselves as one of our most cost effective & reliable sources of qualified leads. They are a very professional organisation with a unique method of building substantial traffic. I plan to integrate Safe into all our future media plans.
Randy Coyle Vice President - Marketing

We have been with advertising with Safe-Audit solidly since September 1997. With each month the number of sites carrying our banners has increased and our traffic has grown. Remarkably, even right from the start we have had a positive cash flow from all the traffic Safe-Audit have sent us. Safe-Audit now has 5,000 host sites and that has enabled them to provide us with 200 sites that regularly carry our banners. Frankly we would never have been able to find those sites ourselves. I recommend Safe-Audit to anyone selling a product or a service over the web.
Steve Getman,

I've had experience with Safe Audit on both the buyer and seller ends. The company has proven to be reliable, responsive and is always on the ball no matter whether it is a check due for advertising impressions or getting a new banner campaign online.

Safe-Audit has provided Electric Ink with a great opportunity to give our clients enormous banner advertising exposure for very little investment. This has allowed our clients to drive tens of thousands of visitors to their web sites without spending a fortune and has increased their sales and product exposure immensely.

I recommend Safe to all of my clients as a part of their overall web advertising and marketing strategies and feel confident that they will be well served by the excellent people at Safe.

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