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Why you should use Safe:

We can tell you lots about us but don't take our word for it. Have alook and see what our host sites say about using us and what our advertisers say.

Safe-Audit were the first to introduce a pay-by-results banner network
        We are still the biggest having almost 5,000 registered host sites  as a result we can offer a large and constantly changing range  of well priced banner proposals 
Safe-Audit provides a simple mechanism for hosting banners
You log in, choose the banner proposals that you wish to host, pick up the code  and image, place the image in your directory, paste the code on your page and the rest is automatic.
Safe-Audit have the well deserved reputation of paying their host sites fairly and promptly. 
You have online stats that show you how much each hosting has earned you so far. At the end of the month you receive an email statement of what you have earned  that month. Thirty days later we send you a check provided the amount earned is  over $20. If it is less than that, it is accumulated forward until your total exceeds $20
We have the most experience in preventing banner abuse
We reject 30% of applications to join our network and we have a team constantly checking our 15,000 hostings so we keep our network clean. That means our advertisers know they are getting quality traffic. That  gives them the confidence to pay a fair rate. As long as a host site provides honest targeted traffic they do well with Safe-Audit. Host sites that try to cheat are terminated, lose all there credit and are not allowed back in.
 Safe-Audit works like a market
You host a banner when the banner and the proposal suits you and your  site. You place it on your site wherever you want it to be. With Safe-Audit  everything is your choice. That market mechanism. ensures you get paid  a reasonable rate for the traffic you provide.
Safe-Audit has the  most sophisticated results-oriented technology 
so you get a greater variety of proposals, Pay by click through, multi-click,  visitor, software download, registration, Sale, confirmed sale. or any hybrid involving exposures, clicks and end results.

Here is what you need to get started:

No contract, no obligation, no cost. Just money in the bank. Register now without obligation.

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