Our Mission Statement

Safe is dedicated to providing genuine quality traffic based upon payment by results. Our first commandment is: Make sure our advertisers get great value for money. If they do, they will return and provide us and the host sites on our network a good return on our investment.

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If you want more Sales or Registrations or Enquiries or just more traffic then can deliver this to you providing only that you can spend more than $500 per month.
  • Clean hosting sites (no adult, warez, MP3, spammers)
  • No payment for duplicated clicks
  • Categorized Targeting
  • Competitively priced
  • Customised campaign - pay by many different kinds of results
  • On-Line Stats, analysis and management controls
  • Largest transaction banner network
  • Over 5000 host sites with 165 Million Pageviews per month
  • Multi-Click - delivers qualified visitors to the heart of your site
  • Private Channel - selected host sites recruited to order
Register as an advertiser without obligation and we will contact you to discuss your own needs and objectives.