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Button To your left on the black background with the wavy blue lines you will see a series of black/grey/white buttons. These buttons make up the index. By clicking on these you automatically go to the major topics of this site. Click on '?' at the bottom of the index for more information.

Navigation at the top of the page you will see small triangles followed by short descriptions. This is the navigation bar. It keeps track of your progress through the different topics. To return to preceding pages you then choose the appropriate description. To reload the page you arrived from click on 'previous'.

Help Demo At the top right of your screen small red buttons with a yellow writing will appear. These buttons lead you to the online tutorial, which gives you general information (the question mark) and examples (the demo button) for the current screen. Click on the question mark at the top of this page for an example.

! A yellow exclamation on a red button signifies an important notice. Please read these before continuing for they might contain information that could save you a lot of time.