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SAFE is an online market where: Tell a friend about SAFE
  Sites can host or promote online banner advertising.
SAFE is unique because there is NO RATE CARD:
  The sites that wish to have their banners hosted structure their own payment proposal according to what they think they can afford. They then place it on SAFE for consideration by the registered hosts of our Market.
SAFE allows provider sites to structure their proposals as any hybrid combination of:
  Exposures, click throughs, fee for registration or payment for sale effected.
Furthermore, it is completely results orientated:
  No costs are incurred other than those based on performance by the criteria that the provider has offered and the host accepted.
SAFE provides several key facilities that facilitate the brokering of banner proposals:
  • audited public ratio statistics on all banners hosted in order to help potential host sites evaluate appropriate banner proposals for hosting.
  • audited actual numbers for exposures, click through and registration or sale effected for every banner hosted through SAFE. These are protected by password.
  • full administration of all payments from banner providers to hosting sites
  • SAFE processes billing on a monthly basis and sends out appropriate accounts:
      All advertiser sites bills are due by the 15th of the following month. Any advertiser in default has his banners immediately taken down on the 16th of the month without further notice.
    SAFE pays all its host sites before the 30th of each month for the earnings of the previous month provided the sum earned is more that $10, otherwise that sum is carried forward to the next month.

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