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! If you wish to host banners on the SAFE network it is very important you read this.

SAFE-Audit has a policy of allowing even the smallest of sites with low traffic counts to join. All Bona-Fide Sites that wish to generate some revenue from their traffic are welcome at SAFE. However, there are certain kinds of sites that are not suitable for the SAFE-Audit Network:

  1. Host sites that have very little content other than links and lots of banners.
  2. Host sites that consistently host banners that are not appropriate to their traffic
  3. Host Sites that invite their users to click on the banners to enable them to earn money or to click for any reason that is not related to genuine interest in the banner content.
  4. Host sites that contain pornograghy or pirated/illegal software or information that could encourage illegal activity.
  5. Host sites that spam users.
  6. Host sites that do anything that SAFE-Audit believe will bring SAFE-Audit into disrepute.

We cannot accept the following types of sites on the Safe-Audit Network but we are putting up a dedicated network for such sites. Please register your name here and we will inform you when that has happened.

If your site fits the above description please do not bother to register. All sites registered will be visited and approved before being activated as SAFE Host sites. You will be notified by Email.

SAFE-Audit has been established to facilitate paying host sites a fair price for generating traffic, leads and actual business for its registered Advertisers. SAFE is not a get-rich-quick scheme for banner spammers. SAFE carefully monitors all activity and will cancel without notice and without credit for their hosting any site that by any means increases exposures, clickthroughs or completion of forms in a way that is fraudulent.In other word if in the sole opinion of SAFE-Audit some of your click throughs are not the result of a genuine visitor to your site showing genuine interest in the message of the banner your registration will be terminated without payment for all previously registered traffic. SAFE-Audit reserves the right to ammend or delete credit for previous traffic where that quality of traffic in the sole opinion of SAFE-Audit does not meet the reasonable expectations of the advertiser.

The HTML code supplied for SAFE banner hostings must not be modified in any way other then described in the e-mail and online instructrions regarding this code. Unauthorized modifications might be a reason for termination of banner hostings.

SAFE Audit also reserves the right to terminate any specific banner hosting without payment if it deems that particular hosting to be inappropriate to the host site traffic.

Please note that SAFE-Audit deducts a fee for introduction and administration of 20% of revenue generated by your site.

If you proceed to register you are accepting these terms and conditions and that any dispute shall be under UK jurisdiction and according to English law

  • I accept the above stated terms and conditions