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Download the free SAFE Banner Wizard Rated 4 starat ZDNet
The Banner Wizard is a spreadsheet-style program that helps you to calculate the costs involved in internet banner advertising and to optimize your web advertising strategy for best possible results.
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Version 1
This is the complete version of Banner Wizard, containing all files necessary to run the program on a Windows 95 or Windows NT PC
Download banwiz1.exe (1.6 Megabytes)
Version 2
Many users will already have some of the files necesssary to run Banner Wizard. Use this version if your WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ or WIN95\SYSTEM\ directory already contains 2 files named Mfc40.dll and Vb40032.dll.
Download banwiz1x.exe (0.7 Megabytes)
After downloading, run the file by double-clicking on the file name or chosing RUN from the start menu. Depending on your system, you might be prompted to select a temporary directory to be used during installation. This will usually be something like C:\Windows\Temp, and it is NOT the directory into which Banner Wizard will be installed. After the the first stage of the installation is complete, you will find a file named Setup.exe in that temporary directory. Run it by double clicking or selecting RUN as above. You will then be prompted for the folder in which to install Banner Wizard, usually this will be C:\Program Files\Banner Wizard Follow the on screen instructions, and after the Setup has finished a SAFE Banner Wizard will appear as a new item on your Programs Menu. Run it, and refer to the build-in Help system for instructions.

  • SAFE Banner Wizard © 1997 Global Market Ltd.
  • Banner Wizard is a 32-bit application for PCs running Windows 95 or NT.
  • The Banner Wizard is Freeware and is supplied on an as-is basis.
  • Feel free to distribute the Banner Wizard to any interested third parties.
  • The software product must not be decompiled, re-engineered or modified in any other way.
  • Any comments or questions can be e-mailed to