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Safe-Audit is a very successful Advertising Banner Network. Now you can be a franchised partner FREE of charge. You will receive a fully functional customised copy of the Safe-Audit site. This is your own private advertising banner network yet it costs you nothing. You will receive 50% of the revenues generated from your site. Your only cost is a monthly retainer of $400 to cover hosting, technical support, administration - in fact a very reasonable sum for a fully facilities managed and sophisticated operation. All Partners have to do is find the customers. This Franchise is therefore ideal for anyone with an existing userbase of web-site owners such as an ISP or a major advertising or business oriented site. Such sites will be offering added value to what they are already selling. If you are doing a lot of advertising or have a site with substantial traffic you really cannot loose. Finally if you simply feel confident you can sell services to Web-site owners this Franchise opportunity can be a money spinner for you. More detailed information is available from the menu below:

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