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What is the unique Selling point for Safe-Audit?

In the traditional model for advertising sales are generally handled by sales teams. Safe reduce the costs of Sales by automating the whole process, turning the sales negotiation into a market operation.

In the Safe model we eliminate the salesman who is the single most expensive component in the sales process. Safe-Audit puts advertisers and host sites in touch with one another through the Safe Market and act as the honest broker in between by auditing and administering the entire process.

One other aspect of the Safe Model is that the emphasis is on transactional advertising rather than branding. I.E. The customer can pay by results. The Safe-Audit technology provides great advantages in this area but of course Safe also accommodates those advertisers who are interested in a branding campaign.

The result of our Unique approach is: Safe is accessible to everyone because we do not have to charge any up-front costs or require any minimums or commitments. Everything is based upon results and virtually the entire operation is automated. That gives us, and if you become our partner will give you a very low break-even point.

You should expect to be seriously profitable within four to six months at the most.

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How else is Safe-Audit different from other Banner networks?

Banner Exchange networks, of which the best known is Link Exchange work on the basis of barter. You give two exposure in return for one. In a sense you are therefore paying a hidden fee of 50%. Safe-Audit charges cash to its advertisers and pays cash to its host sites. The fee for that is only 20% each. There are other Banner networks that also charge and pay cash but none of them are fully automated in the way that Safe-Audit is.

Also Safe-Audit tracks and pays by event. The events that can be audited by Safe-Audit now are:

  • Exposure
  • Click-through
  • Completed form of any kind
  • Impulse Sale
  • Long Cycle Sale
  • Download of software or data

The other major difference between Safe-Audit and all other Banner networks is that Safe-Audit allows the Advertiser to present a proposal to have his banners hosted and host sites chose those proposals that suit them. And all that is automated.

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Who uses Safe-Audit?

Safe-Audit has naturally tended initially to attract the smaller advertisers and the smaller host sites. Quite simply small sites cannot afford sales teams and are of no interest even to sales agents. I.E. it isn't economic to service them. However since Safe has no major people overheads, Safe can afford to and does accept any size site. The openess, low costs and lack of any restrictions at Safe acts as a powerful magnet to both host sites and advertisers.

The Short History of Safe-Audit

Within only four months Safe has accumulated over a thousand content sites with an aggregate of over 30 million visits per month. believes that there will be a point of critical mass at which larger advertisers and content sites will begin to come on board as well. We estimate that point to be around 3,000 content sites and 100 Million user visits per month. Indeed recent registrations shows that Safe has already begun to attract medium sized hosts and advertisers.

At the present rate of growth and even without the additional traffic that might come from franchise partners, Safe should reach critical mass by year end. Even if Safe were never to get any large advertisers, the Safe operation is already profitable and those profits are growing daily because the overheads are low as a result of automation.

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Why are we franchising Safe-Audit Free of charge?

Safe has become a very successful operation within a very short time. By taking on Partners free of charge, we hope to rapidly expand the scope of our operations and we are content to share our profits with our new partners. We simply prefer to share our revenues and to grow faster.

Consequently, we are now inviting partners, both within the English speaking world and we also wish to see partners create and manage other-language versions.

What is the opportunity?

There are actually two opportunities to run your own Ad Banner Network:

  • The first would be ideal for any U.S. or English company, organisation or individual that has an established userbase of people who run websites. Those sites might be potential advertisers or host (content) sites or both. A good ISP is the perfect organisation for that since they have an appropriate user base and can offer this service as an add-on to those they already offer. This opportunity is open for all comers (subject to approval). We do however recommend that only those who have an existing userbase of some sort should consider taking it on. We want our partners to succeed and be profitable and although there is no cost for the franchise, there is a small ongoing cost of running each franchise (see below). If a partner has an existing userbase they are virtually guaranteed to make a profit. Clearly this is an opportunity for any large advertiser or web site owner that has substantial traffic. They can leverage that traffic and provide added value to their client base. If you are in that fortunate position you can effortlessly generate additional income. You would reduce your fees payable to Safe by 50% to create an immediate saving. You can recruit host sites from your traffic and earn fees on their banner traffic. Plus you can recruit your own advertisers and provide them with more inventory than you possess since you can also offer them the Safe Network. It is win, win, win. Similarly this franchise is great for advertising agencies since they can earn commissions at both ends on their clients traffic.
  • The second opportunity is a regional one suitable for any company, organisation or individual that wishes to set up an Ad Banner network in a country outside the USA. Again having an existing userbase is always an advantage but Safe itself started with none and still built up very quickly.
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How profitable is it likely to be?

Our FREE Franchise means you have no up-front cost but there is the ongoing costs of running your franchise. For hosting, administration, technical support and ongoing technical development all our partners contribute a retainer of $400 per month. So their ongoing expenses are capped. In effect that means that $2,000 per month of host/advertiser revenue covers their ongoing costs (10% each way) which is a very low break-even point. All revenue after that generates pure profit.

We charge 20% of the revenue we pay to content sites and 20% of the billing to advertisers. In other words we receive a commission on both ends. For any traffic generated by our partner's registered users our partners receive 50% of the fee revenue. That means that our partners earn 10% of the receipts generated by any of their host sites and 10% of the billing of any of their advertisers.

Once your userbase is in place you effectively make 20% of the throughput (assuming both advertiser and host) in fees. Say after 3/4 months you have 30 advertisers spending an average of $500 a month with you. That should be achievable. That would be $3,000 Gross revenue for you against outgoings of $400 each month. You have to build and nurture your userbase. We will help you as far as we can but it is ultimately your own business. Allowing for six months to ramp up your initial user base we estimate that a partner could be making a net $100,000 profit in his first year after that.

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Are there any other costs?

For English version Partners there is no other cost apart from their promotional costs of selling the concept to their userbase. The $400 a month retainer covers all the administration costs of managing the entire process from getting advertisers proposals up and running to managing queries and problems, to monitoring the hosts to ensure there is no fraud, to collecting cash and disbursing it. So, all a partner has to do is get his customers to register. We do all the rest and all our partners have to do is to cash their monthly check.

For other language versions there is more work for the master Franchise but also more revenue. The master franchise has to translate the site and do the job we do for the English version. They have to manage the entire process from getting advertisers proposals up and running to managing queries and problems, to monitoring the hosts to ensure there is no fraud, to collecting cash and disbursing it. We will provide all our automated management tools, teach them how to use those tools, and transfer the benefit of our experience in running such a network. Because a master franchise does more work and has greater costs they receive 75% of the revenue (so they also receive 25% when others join their network).

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How does it work?

We provide our partners with a customised, hosted and managed version of http://www.safe-audit.com to match their web image and provide them with their own location linked back to their own site. Any Content site or Advertiser that registers with our partner is their own traffic.

Normally a problem with launching an Ad Banner Network is the circular one of needing advertisers to attract host sites and needing host sites to attract advertisers. Our partners are participating in a shared database so that their advertisers can advertise on existing Safe host sites. Similarly our partner's host sites can carry advertising from existing Safe advertisers. That gives our partners a large userbase and a real business ready to go as of day one. As soon as a partner signs up an advertiser, that advertiser can start advertising on a large existing userbase of content sites. Similarly, if they recruit a host site on day one, that host site already has a large selection of advertisers to chose from.

Our administrative department will deal with all the administration in respect of our partner's customers (English version) as if they were employed by our partner. Safe also do all the billing, collection of fees and disbursement of payments to their registered content sites. Partners automatically get their royalty check each month at the same time as the content sites. So English version partners only have to sell. Safe does all the administration.

For the other-language versions we also transfer our knowledge and experience of how to administer an advertising banner network and provide a powerful range of automated tools to assist in that process. Other-Language Partners have to administer their own traffic do all the billing, collection of fees and disbursement of payments to their registered content sites. They also have to pay other partners royalties on business introduced by them.

Does this sound interesting to you?

If you think you have the right kind of userbase and skills and may be willing to make the necessary investment in time and money required, why not give us a call or complete the registration form.

Leo Scheiner
Global Market Ltd.
Phone: 44 (0) 181 346 0770
Fax: 44 (0) 181 346 8316

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